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Honorary Doctorate Celebration Part 4
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Honorary Doctorate Celebration Part 3
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Honorary Doctorate Celebration Part 2
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The more Truth is revealed, the more I am healed.
Truth is Truth. Truth is the Unconditional Love in the whole Universe.
Truth is Infinite Wisdom in my mind and heart.
Truth is my Essential Nature.
This Truth is available in everyone and everything, all the time.
Right now, I am surrendering to Truth and I am healed.
Healing is Spirit revealing Itself by means of Life expressing.
The more I surrender to the Truth already in me, the more I feel whole.
Since healed and whole has the same roots, I welcome the blessings as a result of my state of surrender.
I let go of any assumptions about healing, any resistance to it, any expectation of it and any fear around it.
Being set free to let Spirit do the healing work in me, I just play and blossom.
Gratefully I let the transformation speed up.
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Tomorrow's topic @ 10:30AM: The Lies We Tell……

Our own Dr. Frankie is back with the idea that Truth is EVERYTHING!
It is everywhere, that means including IN us!
Truth reflects Love, Wisdom, Grace and Compassion.
It shows up in our communication when it is a felt experience within: with ourselves.
We all falter here. That just means more opportunities for embodiment, practice and surrender.

Assisting Practitioner: Theo Tilton
Musical Guest: Jackie Jones

2017 A Year of Values-Based Spiritual Living

Theme for July 2017: Spiritual Living through Open Communication
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Get Involved

Volunteer Opportunities

Members and Friends of our Center are invited to support the Center’s activities and one of the ways to take part is through volunteering, which we call Seva (a Sanskrit word meaning “Selfless Service to Spirit”). Giving of your time and talents is integral to the ongoing mission of our Center, but perhaps more importantly, it is of benefit to YOU.

“As you give, so shall you receive.”

Seva means supporting and giving back to the place where you receive your spiritual nourishment.
Volunteers at the Center experience an increased sense of community and the good feeling that comes from being in service to God. When you invite friends to the Center, you are helping to spread this teaching to all who will benefit by being here. When you serve at the Center, you are helping our Center to function and thrive. It is through service that we truly experience being one with Spirit. No matter how much or little time you have, your gift of service is valued and appreciated.

To find out more about volunteer opportunities, please contact Gail Belluardo at 973-879-6476